Salah asks Liverpool £400,000 a week

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Liverpool’s Egyptian right-wing Mohamed Salah has yet to agree a new contract offered. Liverpool because he is unhappy with the £400,000 a week salary offered by Mohamed Salah.

As you know, Mohamed Salah is considered an important player for Liverpool. It is also an important part of helping Liverpool to many successes. Especially in the UEFA Champions League and the English Premier League. Making Mo Hamed Salah immediately attracted the attention of many leading European teams. Of course, that Liverpool do not want to let the key players out of the team. Recently offered a new contract to Mohamed Sala. It has considered successfully

But it appears that talks over a new contract for Mohamed Salah are in trouble as Liverpool made an unsatisfactory offer for Mohamed Salah to consider putting contract talks on hold. Before adding Mohamed Salah, he had to travel to play in the African Nations Cup as well, but Liverpool still has a new contract prepared and once Mohamed Za Lah returns to Liverpool, there will be talks over a new contract immediately.

And the problem that Liverpool have to face is the wages. Mohamed Salah called at 400,000 pounds per week. Plus wanting a long-term contract. Making Liverpool think hard Immediately upon the submission of a new contract to Mohamed Salah. Mohamed Salah confirmed that a new. If Liverpool could not afford to pay it. will consider the transfer of the UFABET team immediately