Rashford reveals key player ready to play against Newcastle

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Manchester United forward Marcus Rashford has revealed that the key players are ready to feature in their next UFABET games against Newcastle and Cristiano Ronaldo. Ldo is ready to enter the field as well.

With the COVID-19 pandemic and Manchester United players also at risk of contracting the virus. Things have returned to normal and the players have returned to training in preparation for the weekend’s Boxing Day clash with Manchester United against Newcastle United.

And Manchester United are vying for a top-four spot. It will only hope to win a win to regain the confidence of the players after a long absence. Which Marcus Rashford has revealed. All the main players are ready to enter the field in their next match against Newcastle United. Marcus Rashford said in an interview. After weeks of rest due to many problems, but recently we Everyone can return to practice successfully.

“And it looks like everyone is ready for the next match so the fact that we weren’t on the pitch earlier this made us very disappointed and didn’t feel very well. . We are ready for the next match. We are training with teammates.