Tomiyasu almost moved to Spurs

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Arsenal’s Japanese right-back Takehiro Tomiyasu admitted he was close to making a move to Tottenham before deciding to join Arsenal. The last day of the market.

Previously, Takehiro Tomiyasu was considered a target by many teams as he was a young player. His pace was satisfactory. Tomiyasu can go to the team because the main character. Serge Aurier began to cry. It want to move away from Tottenham Hotspur as well. Causing Tottenham Hotspur to have Immediately looking for a new right-back.

But in the end, Tottenham Hotspur chose to draw Emerson Royal from Barcelona to join the team. While Takehiro Tomiyasu immediately moved to Arsenal. It appears to be a very rewarding deal at just over £16m. Takehiro Tomiyasu can immediately become a mainstay at Arsenal even after parting ways with Eekt. Ber Bellerin Takehiro Tomiyasu revealed he was close to a move to Tottenham before deciding to move to Arsenal.

“At first I thought I wouldn’t have moved to Arsenal because Tottenham Hotspur had a serious contact and hoped to bring me to the team, but on the last day. Of the transfer market, it was Tottenham Hotspur who decided to drop the deal and Arsenal was the one who contacted me, so I decided to accept the offer and move to Arsenal. immediately”