The bull is fierce, the form is fresh, but can go on

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Can’t shut down! Spain with their finishing problems It almost cost Spain the expensive lesson of ‘elimination ‘.

They had to go on penalties to beat Switzerland in the quarter-finals. After 120 minutes. They also played against Croatia in the last 16, but they ended the game 5-3 in extra-time.

Spain is the top scorer of the Euro tournament. But looking at the opportunities they get They should have done better. When the striker is not decisive enough. It makes it more difficult to hit the target.

5 of the 12 goals they scored at the Euro tournament come from slovakia in the group stage In the remaining two games of the group stage they only scored one goal in their 1-1 draw with Poland and they played twice longer than the other teams from extra-time.

Luis Enrique’s side scored a total of 28 times against Switzerland. By shooting on target 10 times, but they only got one goal. Goalkeeper Unai Simon won the Man of the Match award.

Atletico Madrid forward Alvaro Morata is the Spanish national team’s first choice. But he has been criticized in the competition for failing to capture the team’s goalscoring opportunities. Even the media revealed that his family had been harassed. From the fans who were furious with his performance. He failed to score in St Petersburg. 

Villarreal’s Gerard Moreno has scored 23 goals in 33 league appearances this season. They has had as many as six. When he was given the opportunity to feature him in and score goals not at all. This resulted in several big misses in extra-time, with only France’s Calian Mbappe (14) having more shots but not scoring.

Spain have completed 3,856 passes 1,515 more than any other team. Balague (written Spanish footballer) believes the lack of creativity to keep passing the ball back and forth is also hurting the team.

“If Luis Enrique has his way They will continue to attack when they concede goals in this game. But the midfield in this game played very normal.”

“We didn’t manage the game very well and sometimes we didn’t dare to risk going up. I believe Spain didn’t plan a route to the semi-finals like that. But it’s already happening.”

“And somehow we are in the semi-finals. It seems that we have to use the way we do well is ball possession.” ufabet