Sauguett reveals Mancini has changed Italy a lot from the original

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Usually, the Italian national team will be a team that focuses on defensive toughness and difficult to concede goals. Then will attack the opposite side with counter-attacks. But the Italian national team in the era of Roberto Mancini is not like that because many matches have passed. It was Italy who opened the game against their opponents. Although they conceded some goals. They still managed to win the game until the Italian national team has reached the final of the Euro 2020 battle. Having to face the team. England‘s Gareth Southgate

In which Gareth Saugett hailed both England and Italy as the two best teams at Euro 2020 and fit to face each other in the final. He also praised Roberto Man. Cini, who came to change the Italian national team from the original by Gareth Saugett, said: “The Italian national team has a clear direction of play and their fighting spirit is full as well. The important thing is the game plan. of the Italian national team that Roberto Mancini has placed is considered very dangerous.

“Also, the Italian national team at the moment is not the Italy national team that I knew in the past because they have changed a lot from the old style of play and it is clear that the two best teams at Euro 2020. Must meet in the finals “. In addition, it is Jordan Henderson who admires the Italian national team. Whether it is a strong defense or an offensive game that is always ready to score goals.