Sarr was surprised that the Blues brought him to the team.

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Marlon Sar spent four years at Nice before Chelsea signed Marlon Sar on a free transfer in 2020 before joining Porto on a loan deal. One season, but it looks like Malon Sarr is unlikely to get a chance to play with Porto. So decided to return to Chelsea immediately after his loan contract expires. Which Malang Sar has a very high chance of leaving. Chelsea with another loan contract because the defender of Chelsea is now considered very tight.

But is now ready to fight for a place in Chelsea’s starting XI Malon Sar said in an interview: “When I was training alone at home waiting for the team to make an offer which I had to leave the stadium for six months when the French Ligue 1 season ended before a personal agent told me they were. We had the opportunity to move to Chelsea, of course it surprised me.”

“And moving to Chelsea was a great opportunity for me, with the first year I had to go to another club on loan, which I had no problem with and I saw it as an idea. It’s also good that I haven’t been on the field for a long time and I need time on the pitch to get my rhythm back so now everything is back to perfection and I’m ready to fight for. Real position at Chelsea.