Pique insists the four captains are ready to cut their wages.

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Barcelona were facing a financial crisis due to the failure of the former board and the loss of Lionel Messi. The world’s greatest footballer and a symbol of Barcelona. Lona over the years. But with excessive debt, Barcelona were unable to register new players. It was Gerard Pique who decided to cut his wages. For Barcelona to complete the registration of Memphis Depay, Eric Garcia and Ray Manai.

Despite the fact that new players have been registered, some are still unregistered and Barcelona fans are becoming dissatisfied with the actions of many players refusing to cut their wages for the club. Until being booed in the past, but Gerard Pique has confirmed that the four captains will agree to cut wages. Of course, with Gerard Pique saying: “Personally, I still believe that both Ser Kio Busquets, Sergi Roberto and Jordi Alba will definitely cut their wages in time.”

“And the reason why I made such a quick decision is because Barcelona cannot register players. We are family and as captain I have to do everything for Barcelona. Of course I am very proud of that. What I did and the fact that the fans booed some Barcelona players, I thought it was more of a misunderstanding, and when it was very close, I had to make a decision immediately. Ready to cut wages as well, just waiting for an agreement with Barcelona.”