Fernandinho Ready to meet every situation

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Fernandinho The Brazilian midfielder has revealed Manchester City are ready to face any situation that comes their way in the remainder of the season and Manchester City only want to win.

Despite being eliminated in the Carabao Cup to turn expectations. But Manchester City still continues to collect victories. Making it still a contender for the remaining three titles. It will be an English Premier League battle that is now still leading to No1 in the table. It will be the FA Cup battle that has reached the quarter-finals. Plus the latest teams have just qualified for the quarter-finals. In the UEFA Champions League as well.

Although there are still many matches left. Manchester City hopes to win all the remaining matches to win three more titles. Fernandinho admits that Manchester City are ready to face every situation that comes. It is confident that they will go through this period for sure. Fernandinho He said We have arrived at the end of the season where our confidence is high with great results over the past few months.”

And personally I hope that we will continue to maintain this confidence. Even if each match is not easy. Including the English Premier League, the FA Cup and the UEFA Champions League. But We are ready to focus on the competition that comes. We are ready for any situation that comes after this. Manchester City are set to play against Crystal Palace. Before facing Southampton in the UFABET match FA Cup.