Brighton to close deal for Blues’ Liframento

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Tino Liframento has attracted interest from Southampton, AC Milan, RB Leipzig and Aston Villa. But Chelsea are not keen on letting Tino Liframento leave the club. A satisfying performance with the youth team. The Chelsea Young Player of the Year award as a guarantee. Chelsea will do everything possible to keep Tino Liframento at the club. In the 2021/22 season, however, Chelsea are likely to lose Tino Liframento from another team.

Because the latest Tino Liframento has just rejected the new contract that Chelsea has already offered and wants to leave Chelsea to have the opportunity to play in the field continuously, but besides Southampton, AC Milan RB Leipzig and Aston Villa, with Brighton also interested in Tino Liframento and have already submitted an offer to Chelsea and the deal is likely to be successful. It is very high because Brighton can guarantee the starting position for Tino Liframento as soon as he moves in.

In addition to Tino Liframento, Chelsea had to lose Lewis Bate to Leeds United because they had no chance of stepping up to play for the first team with a very tight midfield. Miles Perth Harris, who is set to move to Brentford, while Dynel Simeu is likely to leave the team for sure, just to move to any team only.