Foods to “Avoid” If You Are Sick

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During the rainy season like this, taking care of your health is something that you need to pay special attention to. When there is an illness, it is necessary to see a doctor for symptomatic treatment. But the matter of foods is also something that cannot be neglected.

In addition to eating useful food to restore the body to be healthy UFABET and recover faster Did you know that there are certain foods that should not be eaten while having an illness? Because it can make the symptoms worse than before!

Foods to "Avoid" If You Are Sick

when you have a cold or fever 
Things not to eat include:

  • spinach

Spinach contains a substance called histamine, which is a substance that releases allergens from the body. “It goes to the cells. called mast cells And release histamine and cause inflammation, ”says Renee Wellenstein, a medical specialist. “Histamine has been linked to cold and flu symptoms, so it may be a cause of worsening symptoms.”

  • bean

Nuts are in fact a great source of zinc and vitamin E. But on the other hand, nuts are very fat. Eating nuts while sick makes your body work harder. May cause abdominal pain

  • broccoli

Broccoli has many benefits. It has immunity such as vitamins A and C. But it is a vegetable that is high in fiber. It can be difficult to digest when you’re sick, says gut specialist Mahmoud Ghannoum.

when headache 
Things not to eat include:

  • Aged Cheese ( Aged Cheese)

The longer the aged food, the higher histamine content. which results in dilation of the blood vessels cause more headaches than before

  • Fermented food

Because in fermented foods, there will be tyramine. which is a stimulus that can cause headaches Eating these foods during a headache will cause your blood vessels to dilate and contract. This is why there are more symptoms.

when coughing or sore throat 
Things not to eat include:

  • raw vegetables

Raw vegetables will have rough or rough parts. which can cause irritation while swallowing Despite the fact that raw vegetables are a healthy snack, But take a break if you’re coughing or having a sore throat.

  • citrus fruit

Although these fruits are high in vitamins. But on the other hand, its acidity can irritate your throat even more. Therefore, you should seek vitamin C from other sources during the onset of symptoms.

When you have stomachache, nausea or diarrhea,  
things you should not eat include:

  • dairy products

Dairy products contain lactose. Some people have lactose intolerance. Because lactose makes the stomach difficult to digest. It may cause abdominal pain. or more diarrhea

  • rice bran

Rice bran is high in insoluble fiber. Therefore, when ingested, it will go straight to the intestines. The same goes for granola, brown rice and whole wheat pasta.

  • bean

sugar in beans (Alpha galactosidase) Causes stomach irritation. May cause stomach noise or gas in the stomach This is because the body may not make enough enzymes to digest these sugars.