8 tips to train yourself to “exercise” until it becomes a habit

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Believe that everyone knows that exercise is good for the body. Considered a positive behavior that is beneficial to health , many people would like to start exercising seriously. Regardless of the reason for wanting to lose weight, lose weight, want to be strong, want to be healthy, even so, just thinking about it in your head would seem easy. But enough to actually do it. The problem that most people have in common is that it’s hard to force yourself to get up and exercise regularly.

8 tips to train yourself to "exercise" until it becomes a habit

People who have tried it and found it failed. Maybe it’s because the exercise isn’t done consistently. discouraged, lost inspiration before Or there may be conditions or obstacles on various matters. That always interferes Causing the exercise that was previously planned not as good as expected. As for many, many people still can’t even start. Because I’m not sure myself how long I can do this. This is the difficulty of exercising that many people are likely to face.

But… the habit of loving exercise is not ingrained since birth. It’s something that we have to do gradually. Build it yourself Tonkit360 has 8 tips to help you turn your workout into a habit. We may become people who love exercise as a whole. And do it continuously until it becomes a habit soon.

The mind that must have self-discipline.

First of all, you have to start looking for self-discipline. Because to develop exercise into a habit No one can force us. It’s purely in our own will, but just intent is not enough to send us to our goal. We have to have the discipline to control, force, take responsibility for ourselves in the direction of heading towards our goals. Without it, nothing would be accomplished. He even fell off his horse from the very beginning. You need to know what is strict and what is flexible.

  1. Set the exact date and set a reminder like an alarm clock

To develop exercise into a habit We have to make it part of our daily routine. may require exercise to be a part of daily life Incorporate periods of exercise into your daily routine. Then set a reminder like an alarm clock that wakes us up. The fact that we set a specific time to exercise. It will make it easier for us to follow our daily to-do list and be less fussy.

3.Have a clear goal and reward yourself.

Most people like to set their goals too high. because they do not evaluate themselves first I can understand that I need strong passion. in order to use the propulsion but on the condition that it must be suitable for oneself especially in the beginning Don’t just set your goals too high. (Look at it as a clear goal) Achieving success with small goals. It will give us the encouragement to move towards bigger and bigger goals. And should have a bribe to yourself to motivate as well It will be less boring, more fun and more challenging.

  1. gradually increase the weight

If you are just starting out Never exercised before Don’t just break yourself. Exercising vigorously in the beginning Because there is a high chance that it will make you feel discouraged until you give up on your intentions first. use a gradual method Gradually increasing the heaviness and length will be better tolerated. After a period of time, when you adjust, gradually increase it, work harder, take longer, which has the advantage that we have to do it consistently.

5.make it regular

continuity and consistency Is at the heart of doing something until it gets used to and eventually becomes a habit, so if we want our exercise to become a habit that we have to do every day. We have to start by repeating it. until it becomes a habit then become a habit Not doing it out of nowhere. If you want to do it, do it. If you’re lazy, don’t do it. This depends on the discipline of each individual how well they control and take responsibility for themselves. If asked how long it will take, tell me at least 2 months.

  1. Find a form of exercise that you really like.

Anything that must be reluctant to do We can’t be patient for long, we’ll get bored, lose our passion, and eventually give up. Because it’s not fun and it’s painful, so start targeting exercise based on what you like or enjoy best. Find out what form of exercise you like, are good at, or feel you can live with for a long time, then go and choose https://ufabet999.com that type of exercise. You can be sure that we will enjoy exercising until we forget to pay attention to the time.

7.Quit the moves, stop hesitating, do it now.

If there is a clear goal Let’s do it right away. Quit acting hesitantly or procrastinating. Many people like to wait to start doing something like this during important occasions. until that moment really The fire that used to be strong had almost been extinguished. The intention that used to be very confident More than half disappeared Until I can tune myself back into seriousness again, I waste time motivating myself again. Exercise, if you want to do it, do it without waiting for an opportunity or auspicious time. Think that the sooner you start, the more likely you are to approach your goal.

  1. Keep a record of your activities and any changes you make.

Because taking notes of the activities that we do It helps us see developments, progress and changes. They also clearly see their own abilities and intentions. at some point will challenge yourself to be even higher and see how much better it can be. The activities and progress we have concretely recorded. will be the driving force for us to move forward intentionally we will exercise more want to continue and feel the enthusiasm for exertion